Nero is a friendly, talkative child who says the thing he is most proud of is his personality. He describes himself as kind, caring, competitive and unique. Nero has an imaginative mind and an independent nature. When he grows up, he would like to serve his country by joining the Army. He enjoys being outside, especially spending time fishing, running, jumping on the trampoline and playing soccer. When Nero is not outside, he enjoys playing with Legos, watching action movies and playing Minecraft. He likes a variety of music, and you will often find him signing along to rock, country, and pop songs. His favorite subject in school is social studies and he is fascinated with history.

Nero likes spending time with others his age, but he also enjoys solitude. He is able to recognize when he needs to separate himself from situations. He has had many losses in his life but remains resilient. His “no matter what” family will need to support his desire to maintain his relationships with significant relatives in his life. Nero’s loving “no matter what” family will give him the attention, encouragement, and nurturing environment he needs to continue to thrive. Send us an inquiry if you would like to learn more about Nero!

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