Neveah, Legacy, & Karma


Meet Neveah, Legacy, and Karma.

Nevaeh is described as lovely and helpful, especially with her younger siblings. She does very well academically (math is her favorite subject) and she appears motivated to attend college one day. She currently reports that she would like to become a teacher and that her favorite teacher(s) have inspired her to have this career goal. She is proud of maintaining good grades and works hard to keep her grades “on point.” Last year, she attended a pre-college program through Marquette University. In her spare time, Nevaeh enjoys playing the guitar and other typical teen activities, like spending time with friends and going to the movies. She really enjoy horror movies! Her favorite type of music is hip-hop. One of her favorite games to play on a rainy day (or any other day!) is Uno. Nevaeh does not participate in any sports, but if she could pick anything to participate in, she would love to run track. When asked what she would like people to know about her she said, “I love to sleep!” Nevaeh has a great sense of humor and says that, “everything makes her laugh” and that her younger brother is very funny! If Neveah could travel anywhere, she dreams of visiting Disney Land one day. Neveah also enjoys reading and mystery novels are her absolute favorite. Nevaeh has a relationship with her birth mother that she would like to continue, even after adoption. She would also like to remain living with her younger siblings. Neveah is also a teen parent to her infant daughter. She has been open to parenting suggestions and is working hard to be the best parent she can be for her baby.

Legacy is active and participates in karate and basketball. He enjoys being outside and riding his bicycle. He also enjoys going to the movies (he’s a horror movie fan, like his sister), playing sports, and visiting the Boy and Girls Club after school. His favorite movie to watch is “Teen Titans Go.” Legacy enjoys drawing and spends time doodling superheroes. Some of his favorites are Thor, Spiderman, and Batman. He reports that he likes sports (football, basketball, and soccer). His favorite basketball teams are the Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors. He would like people to know that, “he likes to have fun a lot.” Legacy thinks he is good at drawing, running, and jumping. His favorite book to read is Diary of a Wimpy Kid. He also would like to maintain a relationship with his birth mother and remain with his sisters if adopted. His “no matter what” family should be structured and provide consequences when necessary.

Karma is the most introverted and reserved out of her siblings. Karma enjoys helping in the kitchen with preparing meals, playing outside, jumping rope, riding her bike, playing card games, drawing, math, and watching movies/television. Her favorite show is Andi Mack. She enjoys soccer and the “red” team is her favorite team. She would like others to know that her favorite color is pink and she enjoys learning to read. Her favorite book is The Cat in the Hat. She would also like to be a teacher when she grows up.

This sibling group of three are in need of a patient, consistent, and loving “no matter what” family to call their own. They would flourish in a home that will honor and nurture birth family connections.

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