Neveah is a girl with dreams, just like any other teenager. Her idea of a perfect day would include “going to my best friend’s house and having a sleepover. We would do each other’s hair, eat junk food, and play games.” She has a caring nature and dreams of becoming a veterinarian or a nurse in the future. Neveah also dreams of having an adoptive family. “I want to have lots of family time laughing and doing fun stuff,” she shared.

Neveah has many interests. She likes going shopping, playing Monopoly, watching the Disney Channel, drawing, coloring, playing basketball, and going swimming. She really enjoys making people laugh! Neveah listens to country, R&B, and Hip Hop music. She shared that she’s outstanding at reading, and her favorite books are the Bluford High series. She likes to learn about history and would like to get better at math. Neveah says she is most proud about doing better in school.

When Neveah is having a hard day, the things that make her feel better are taking a walk, playing with animals, and talking to her best friends and trusted adults. She wishes to maintain contact with her biological family. Neveah needs a “no matter what” family who will ask her about her day, listen to her needs and concerns, and give her the love and acceptance she so greatly deserves.

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