Phos is a young man who is self-assured, honest, and not shy when it comes to communicating, trying new things, or meeting new people. He can sometimes be a little spontaneous, but is usually more relaxed and calm.

When he’s not playing video games, spending time with friends, or playing football, you may find Phos with his nose buried in a book or listening to music. At amusement parks, you can be sure to find him in the nearest roller coaster line.

When it comes to school, Phos sometimes needs extra support in completing more challenging homework. He has been working hard to establish and maintain friendships.

Phos likes being part of the decision-making process—especially when the decisions impact him—and he does best when given choices. He is open to adoption and would benefit from taking things slow. He would like to take time to get to know his “no matter what” family before moving ahead to adoption.

Phos would thrive in family environment in which the parents understood and used positive parenting. He would also benefit from a family willing to help him maintain important positive connections with specific members of his birth family, and other important adults who have played a significant role in his life.

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