According to Princess, “I am a strong reader, I enjoy art and gym.” She is described as funny girl who has a blunt sense of humor and is a lot of fun to be around. Princess is passionate about her interests and, according to her, that list includes: nail polish, stuffed animals, electronics, good food, cheer-leading, gymnastics, football, and basketball. She is very specific about her dislikes as well, such as lying, yelling, and science. She is a self-described people person who is loving and caring towards others. In school, Princess has been making great strides improving her reading level and is continually working on her math skills.

Princess has talked about her strong desire to be adopted. She craves one-on-one attention and would do best in a home where she could be the youngest or only child. Princess deserves a family that will not give up on her and support her as she works on her communication and healing from the challenges she has had to endure.


Photos courtesy of Caitlin Herrada with Herrada Photo

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