Resiliency is the ability to bounce back from frustrations, recover from setbacks, and adapt to change. Raven is described, above all else, as a resilient young man. He quickly makes connections with others and is known to “go with the flow.” He aims to please adults and seeks their approval. Raven wants to do the right thing and make good choices. A patient and supportive “no matter what” family will help him continue establishing skills that will lead to success.

Raven is fun to be around, has a great sense of humor, and often tells jokes and smiles. Unlike many teenagers, he willingly spends time with adults and others in the home and is seldom alone in his room. Raven helps out around the house and is interested in learning how to cook and prepare meals. He likes to spend time in nature and loves to be outside. If there are animals in his new home, he hopes they include a big dog and a horse. He likes to jump on trampolines, go swimming, ride bikes, go fishing, and play video games. Raven enjoys football and would like to play on a team. He describes himself as being “really good at math” and also likes to read. He is often seen with a book in his hand.

Raven will do best as the only child in a family or the younger brother to much older siblings. His trauma-informed “no matter what” family will need to provide structure, acceptance, and love as he transitions to his new home. It’s essential to Raven to maintain frequent contact with his siblings, therefore he is looking for a family in Wisconsin or the Midwest. If you can envision Raven in your family, please contact us. We’re eager to find the family he deserves

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