Raynia is a mature and intelligent young lady who can be silly and friendly around people with whom she has established trust. She is insightful and can be a good advocate for herself.

She likes activities that include running, swimming, and crafting art projects (her profile image is one of her original pieces of artwork). During football season, you may find Raynia captivated by a Packers game on television—she is a huge fan! Raynia also enjoys reading, listening to music, using fidget toys, and talking to her best friend. These all happen to be strategies Raynia uses to self-regulate when she may be having a hard day.

Raynia does very well academically. She is focused on her education and has a positive attitude about school. Her love for animals is a huge motivator for Raynia to continue on to college to pursue a career as a veterinarian.

Raynia would benefit most from a family that can provide her with patience, understanding, love, and acceptance. She needs a family who is willing to support her in maintaining important ongoing connections she has with siblings, an aunt, and a mentor. Raynia very much wants to have a “no matter what” family she can call her own.

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