It’s hard to look away from the sweet smile on the face of Reyna! She is a girl with a creative mind who enjoys art, playing with younger children, swimming, watching comedy movies and, like most tweens, watching videos on YouTube. Reyna relaxes by listening to music and prefers to sleep with the radio on. Although Reyna can struggle with change, she is able to advocate for herself, regulate her emotions, and does well in structured and consistent environments. Reyna has a positive relationship with her current foster family. Although Reyna can sometimes appear tough as a defense mechanism, she has only had positive reports from the school regarding her behaviors. She loves her school very much and feels safe with the school staff.

Ideally, Reyna would like to be adopted by a single female but is willing to compromise if she feels a connection with a family. She has a close relationship with her younger brother, and it is important to her to maintain contact with him. Reyna needs a trauma-informed “no matter what” family who will provide her with safety, show they can be trusted, and give her the opportunity to live a life filled with joy and love.

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