Ronnie is a caring and energetic youth who enjoys being out in nature and tending to animals. He likes to work on a farm, feeding goats and chickens and collecting eggs. Ronnie also helps out in the garden, harvesting fruits and vegetables. When he’s not outdoors, he can be found playing video games, usually Mario Cart. Ronnie enjoys playing board games with his friends and has created strong connections with his peers. At school, he does best with interactive learning, especially when a game involves a goal. He likes to be rewarded for his hard work!

Ronnie often seeks additional support from adults before attempting things independently at school and home. He can struggle with regulating his emotions. Ronnie does best with one-on-one attention and can sometimes feel overwhelmed in large group settings. He succeeds when there are specific time limits set for tasks. Ronnie would like a “no matter what” family where he can continue to make positive strides. Are you the “no matter what” family who can show this teenager unconditional love and support?

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