Salvador and Jose


ZOOM! BANG! Salvador the Superhero! He will impress you with his amazing feats of strength and abilities in bowling, helpfulness, and politeness. Salvador is a fun-loving youth who loves school and learning. He enjoys working hard and, in return, receiving praise from his teachers. Salvador has a brother, Jose, and they like watching tv and coloring together. Their favorite movies are Toy Story 4, Ralph Breaks the Internet and Spongebob Squarepants.

Jose is a sweet boy who thrives from praise and positive reinforcement. He is a true blue Pokémon fan who really enjoys being busy and traveling with his caregivers. Jose works very hard and, in return, loves receiving praise.

Both Salvador and Jose enjoy playing together as well as with other friends. Outside you can find them playing tag, playing on the playground and they love waterparks! When playing inside, Salvador likes to draw and put puzzles together Jose enjoys the same plus playing with legos.  The brothers are both working hard every day with communication. They deserve a family that will help them feel safe and secure. Salvador and Jose need people to offer consistency, predictability, and patience. But don’t forget lots and lots of praise, high-fives, and positive reinforcement.

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