Are you ready to listen, because Savion was born with the gift of gab! He can talk about almost anything if he is in the company of an active listener. Though, if you have an hour or so, he would love to chat about cars. He knows a lot about cars and even knows what kind of car he wants when he is an adult. Savion is a leader and loves to joke and make others laugh. He enjoys building things with his hands and can often be found playing with his Legos. 


Savion thrives on one-on-one attention and support. He deserves an adoptive family that will accept him through the good and bad. He says he wants a family that is not going to give up on him when they see his “messy” side. He desperately wants to be part of a family where he is treated like the other kids and the parent(s) see him as their son. Savion’s new family will have to be ready to put in the time and work needed to prove to him that they can be trusted and they are in it for the long haul. 

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