Sehdari is very much a people pleaser. He can be sweet, active, curious, intelligent, creative, and engaging. A bonus is he loves to help around the home. Sehdari has a phenomenal sense of humor and is quite the storyteller, especially when he tells stories about superheroes—one of his favorites is Dragon Ball Z! Sehdari performs well academically and he is a quick learner; one of his best subjects is mathematics. Sehdari enjoys the company of animals, especially cats or dogs.

When he has free time, Sehdari enjoys being creative and building ramps for his cars. He also enjoys coloring, Legos, playing video games, and playing ROBLOX on the computer. He enjoys his time outdoors just playing or riding his bike.

Sehdari is not generally a picky eater; however, if you ask him if he likes a particular food, he will often say no, even though he typically ends up enjoying it once he tries it. Some of his favorite foods to eat include cereal (Fruity or Cocoa Pebbles, Reese’s, and Cookie Crisps), chocolate milk, and Rice Krispies.

Sehdari will thrive in a loving and nurturing “no matter what” family located in Wisconsin with a formal routine and good supervision. He would do best in a family where he would be the only child or have older siblings in the home. Sehdari needs a family that is patient, kind, supportive, understanding, and won’t give up on him.

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