Simplicity has a smile that could warm the chilliest of souls. She really enjoys learning about others and has an amazing knack of having interesting conversations that lead to friendships. Simplicity is described as a very smart and hardworking youth. She is a book worm at heart and typically finishes one or two books a week. When asked what type of books she enjoyed reading, she replied, “romance, fiction, and sci-fi.” Her favorite authors include Anna Todd, J.K. Rowling, and P.C. Cast, as well as Kristin Cast.

Simplicity took time to make sure she communicated some important things to us. She wanted to make sure we knew she likes dancing, playing basketball, and volleyball. The things that make Simplicity laugh are funny videos, Vines, YouTube stars, and her sister. She opened up about what she would want from her adoptive family, as well. Simplicity wants to make sure her new family knows that she is proud of “overcoming her sad times” and that sometimes she is complicated but she is working very hard at becoming the best person she can be. When she talked about activities she would like to do with her adoptive family, she stated: “hiking, having family nights, and to go out to dinner on Fridays”. It is extremely important to Simplicity that her new family is open to communication with her sisters, as well as with other important people in her life. Simplicity wants a family that will work with her and give her lots of attention. She is looking forward to possibly having pets in the home and being active as a family.

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