Skylar loves animals, a lot. He likes to draw animals, read about animals, and care for them. In fact, one of Skylar’s three wishes would be to travel to Africa to study animals! It should be no surprise that, when he grows up, Skylar would like to become a Veterinarian. When he is not thinking about animals, he likes playing video games, watching movies, and is interested in sports like soccer, basketball, and football. He says his favorite teams are the Chicago Bulls and Seattle Seahawks. Skylar is described as a friendly kid who likes to stay super active. He really would like an adoptive family that will stay active with him. Don’t worry, he already has ideas of what he would like to do with his new family: fishing, hunting, horseback riding, woodworking, gardening, bike rides, and lots of art. Given his love of animals, Skylar would be thrilled if his adoptive family had animals. He would also love to have a yard with trees to climb so he could swing on them like Tarzan! Skylar also said he would like to travel to new places by airplane and have lots of adventures. It is important that Skylar’s new family is located in Wisconsin and is open to staying connected to his siblings and previous foster family. Skylar’s new family should be patient, consistent, and ready to support this amazing kid!

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