Steven, Jordyn & Joy

Steven is a resilient young man who is described as outgoing, social, and engaging. He gets along well with other kids and adults. Active and ready for adventure, Steven loves to be outside and involved in any physical activity, including riding his hoverboard or playing basketball. He loves video games (especially Fortnite), going to sporting events, and watching TV. Steven wants people to know that he’s smart for his age and his favorite subject in school is science. He isn’t picky about food and enjoys almost everything. But he especially loves McDonald’s! Steven is a good advocate for himself and can express his needs to his caregivers. When he feels stressed, he knows how to regulate his emotions by getting active, stepping away from certain situations, or practicing deep breathing.

Jordyn, like his brother, is described as resilient, active, and talkative. Also, like Steven, he is a fan of Fortnite, watching TV (especially Sponge Bob) and playing outside with his siblings and other children. Jordyn enjoys watching videos on YouTube and playing on his tablet. He loves hot and spicy foods such as jalapeno peppers and flaming hot Cheetos! His favorite board game is Connect Four, and his favorite subject in school is English. Jordyn needs a significant amount of assistance in keeping his attention focused. When asked what makes him laugh, his answer came quickly, “My sister, Joy!”

Joy is known to be an outgoing, funny, social, and smart girl. Joy loves dolls, stuffed animals, Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol, Jojo Siwa, Frozen, rollercoasters, and playing dress-up. She likes dancing and singing, playing with friends, and is described as having a great imagination. Joy has a sweet tooth and loves sugar. However, she is not a huge fan of green beans, oatmeal, or broccoli. Joy would benefit from caregivers who will introduce her to eating healthy, nutritious foods and teach her that they can be delicious. She describes herself as being good at talking to others and answering the teacher at school.

If you’re still reading this, you may be the “no matter what” family we’re looking for. These children are very close and have positive relationships. They need a “no matter what” family familiar with trauma-informed care and calm correction. These siblings do well with clear expectations and relevant consequences for specific actions. The most important characteristic for their “no matter what” family is that they allow them to be kids and enjoy their lives. Does this trio sound like a good fit for your home?

You may notice that the video only features Joy and Jordan. At this time, Steven is a little more camera shy than his younger siblings. We would love to find a “no matter what” family who would welcome all three children into their home.

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