Tamya is honing in on her creative side by designing fashion clothing and making vision boards that include images of her dreams of joining the Air Force and becoming a pediatrician. She also is very athletic and enjoys being involved in high school teams for track and field and basketball. Tamya is a caring girl who loves to take care of younger children and animals. When she isn’t competing on the track or court, Tamya can be found listening to music or shopping. 

Out of necessity, Tamya has had to become an advocate for herself. She is looking for a patient, supportive family that won’t give up on her. She wants family to be able to attend her sporting events and cheer her on, encourage her, support her future goals, and allow her to make mistakes. Tamya would do best in a “no matter what” family that has children either older or younger than herself. A home in Milwaukee County would be preferred in order to keep Tamya connected to vital members of her care team and her siblings.

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