“The only thing better than singing is more singing,” according to Ella Fitzgerald. That is a sentiment seconded by Taylan! When asked what he’s really good at, the answer was singing. His favorite thing to do in his free time is singing, singing makes him feel better when he’s having a bad day and the one thing he wants to get better at is … singing. This easy-going teen listens to all kinds of music. He loves to laugh and be silly, has a great sense of humor, and cares about the feelings of others. Taylan enjoys funny TV shows but is open to “Whatever you wanna watch!” He also likes to swim, spend time outdoors, and is an animal lover. He would love to be in a home where he can help care for a pet.

Taylan is looking for a “nice home with a loving family.” He has worked hard to become an advocate for his own needs and is becoming comfortable and confident in sharing his thoughts and feelings. It’s important to Taylan that he feels heard, that people actively listen to him and that others keep their word. If you are a trauma-informed family who considers yourselves fun, active, patient, open-minded, and trusting, you would be a great fit for Taylan. Also, his “no matter what” family will need to support his ongoing relationships with members of his biological family, as they are a very important part of his life.

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