Travion has met many challenges head on with his sweet, irresistible smile. It’s easy to get that smile to appear because he loves being tickled! Travion’s favorite TV show is Baby Shark. It is no surprise that when it’s warm out, he likes to play in the sand and water. He loves to be outside, especially when it includes a visit to the park. Travion also enjoys music, going for car rides, and stacking building blocks. He can have mood swings but responds well to hugs, kisses, and physical touch when he’s feeling out of sorts. This usually happens when he is overtired and in need of a nap.

Travion currently uses sign language to communicate but continues to make great progress in speech therapy. Travion needs a “no matter what” family who will provide him with encouragement, motivation, and guidance so he can reach his highest potential.  It is important that Travion has access to clinics where he can continue receiving the additional services and supports he needs. He would do best in a home without pets. If you are that special “no matter what” family who is prepared to open your heart and your home to Travion, he is ready to accept your love.

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