Will is described as a pleasant young man who thrives on attention from trusted adults. He enjoys Disney movies and soundtracks, especially when a caring person sits with him. When he feels nervous or anxious, he responds well to affection and physical touches, like a head or back rub. Will has made great gains in learning to control his behavior. He likes to play catch and enjoys going to the indoor trampoline park to bounce and jump to his heart’s content! If he had three wishes, he would most likely use them all for endless Go-Gurts. His favorite food is yogurt in a tube but don’t offer him bread with any of his meals. He does not like it! He isn’t a fan of long walks, but he does enjoy long car rides!

Will is going to do best with a “no matter what” family who can nurture and support him in an environment that he will always be able to call home. Will needs to maintain his strong connection to an older sibling. Will deserves the best out of life from a “no matter what” family who will always be there for him. We are excited to find him a place to call home!

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