Xavian describes his dream day as waking up, gaming for a while, and spending time with family. He longs for the everyday family activities of shopping, talking, going to the park, and watching TV together. It would be ideal if there were a dog he could snuggle up to on the couch! Xavian wants people to know that he is kind, responsible, and funny – he likes to make people laugh. He enjoys watching action-packed movies or comedies and his favorite video games are Fortnite and Minecraft. He also likes playing Monopoly and Spades. Xavian watches baseball, football, volleyball, golf, and soccer. This Milwaukee Bucks fan likes to play basketball and hopes to join a school football team in the future. His favorite school subject is math, and he would like to get better at reading.

Xavian has been working hard on identifying his feelings and expressing himself in a positive way. He can tell people his wants and needs. When Xavian is having a bad day, he makes himself feel better by listening to music, talking to someone he cares about, or sometimes he just needs his own space for a while. His “no matter what” family will need to support his desire to maintain his relationships with siblings and other relatives. Xavian has expressed wanting to be with a family that he can call his forever home. He will thrive with a “no matter what” family dedicated to helping him reach his full potential.

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