Some of us watch horror movies by peeking around our hands that are covering our eyes. Xtavier, however, is a different story. He shared, “I have a big interest in watching a lot of scary movies!” A creative and artistic teenager, he particularly enjoys the details that go into a film’s special effects and wonders how the creators can make everything so creepy. On the flip side, he also appreciates humor, especially in the stories that he writes himself. Xtavier loves drawing anime and other fictional characters, sculpting with clay, making origami, and building models. “I love making and building things. I have a very good imagination when it comes to making things,” he said.

It is no surprise that art and music are his favorite school subjects. When it comes to reading, comics and graphic novels are his top picks. His favorite author of chapter books is Rick Riordan, a fantasy writer who is most well-known for the Percy Jackson series. Xtavier also likes to play video games, watch anime, and scroll through YouTube. His favorite foods include candy, vegetables, and spicy cuisine. As far as animals go, Xtavier stated, “I love dogs and I sort of like cats, but I keep my distance from them.”

Xtavier thrives when he is with people with whom he connects. He is learning to lean into trusted adults and is working on communicating his needs and wants when he’s feeling frustrated or overwhelmed. He said, “I am always trying my best to do the right thing.” This imaginative, big-hearted teen needs a loving, trauma-informed “no matter what” family. Xtavier wants to have a stable home with patient, understanding caregivers who will also help him maintain a connection with his biological brother.

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