“I’m only one, but not alone. My finest day is yet unknown.” These lyrics by Whitney Houston, Zhenevia’s favorite singer, reflect the spirit of this sweet girl who has a passion for singing. Music calms her when she’s feeling upset and lifts her up when she’s lighthearted and in the mood to dance. A creative girl, Zhenevia loves to color and draw, do her hair, get her nails done, and learn and teach new dances to others. She can be shy around new people, but once she knows you, she will be sure to try to make you laugh. She enjoys being active and experiencing new places. Zhenevia loves being in nature and will often go outside when she’s feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

Zhenevia does well with a structured life and tends to prefer a quiet, calm home where she can make art, journal, or just go to sleep when she needs down time. When Zhenevia is frustrated or upset, she appreciates space and time to process her feelings. The best way to gain her trust is to listen to her and speak to her calmly. It’s important that Zhenevia be able to maintain contact with relatives who are close to her. Zhenevia is looking for a “no matter what” family who will provide her with stability and a place to call home. Are you interested in learning more about Zhenevia? Let us know!

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