Zyaire is a highly resilient boy who cares for others and tries his best to “be good.” He can be quite talkative and continues to learn and grow by having lots of conversations with others. Zyaire has a big heart and cares about people close to him. He likes to help out around the house by doing chores. Zyaire enjoys basketball, playing all types of video games, spending time with others, and playing outside. He is also an animal lover. He doesn’t like when others don’t share or are mean to him. Zyaire thrives while going to school in person and isn’t a huge fan of virtual school. He does much better when he can socialize and work with teachers who can help him meet his educational needs. Zyaire has a strong appetite and likes all kinds of food. Some of his favorite foods are candy, chips, cookies, and cereal.

Zyaire can be best described as a good kid who has had a hard life. His “no matter what” family will need to be trauma-informed as they will have to be patient with Zyaire as he adjusts to the idea of adoption. The best “no matter what” family for Zyaire will provide him with stability and consistency, especially regarding outside services that are beneficial for him. Contact us if you think your family will be the one to help him turn his hard life into a good one.

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