When asked to describe Miguel, the first response we heard was, “He is HILARIOUS!” Miguel has a quick sense of humor and loves making everyone crack up. The second response is that he always has [...]


Dalana is a charming, take-charge kind of kid. She is talkative and funny. Dalana prefers more indoor activities like baking with the family and watching T.V., but she also enjoys occasional [...]


Samaria is described as “insightful” and she understands what she needs to be successful. Samaria is able to self-advocate and enjoys talking through expectations with adults. She loves music, [...]


Lashone is a bright young man and is doing well in school. He excels at math and science classes. Lashone is also athletic and enjoys participating in sports. His favorite sport is basketball, [...]


Shamya is active and creative. She enjoys writing and expressing herself via journaling. Additonally, she likes skating, cooking, movies, and bowling. She is interested in playing basketball and [...]