The children we have featured on our website who wait for adoptive families

  • are most often in the foster care system and cannot return to their birth families for a variety of reasons.
  • need help overcoming hurt related to past trauma(s) and/or abandonment.
  • are often part of a sibling (brothers and/or sisters) group.
  • are often older than four years of age and behind emotionally.

While you may not see “all” of the children in need of a “no matter what” family in our Gallery, please understand that those who are waiting share similar hopes for a family and similar obstacles to being matched with one. If these children do not seem like a “match,” chances are others who are not featured here will not be a “match,” either. However, if you have patience and perseverance, and are willing to adapt your home and life to fit a child’s needs, please keep pursuing and learning more about adopting from foster care.

Please keep in mind that, in order to be considered for a child within our Gallery, you must have an approved public adoption home study. If you are unsure if your home study is public, please contact us via phone (414-475-1246 or 800-762-8063) or email

Lastly, please keep in mind that circumstances for the children within the Gallery can change rather quickly and for a variety of reasons.

We invite you to check out our tip sheet, Not Too Old for Forever: Adopting Older Youth.

The Heart Gallery of Wisconsin
The Heart Gallery of Wisconsin, a travelling photographic exhibit of some of Wisconsin’s waiting children, is a program of the Coalition for Children, Youth & Families. If you are interested in hosting the Heart Gallery of Wisconsin, please contact us.

The Wisconsin Department of Children and Families provides support and funding for this recruitment effort on behalf of children. We thank them for their belief that all children grow best in permanent loving families.


Lashone is a bright young man and is doing well in school. He excels at math and science classes. Lashone is also athletic and enjoys participating in sports. His favorite sport is basketball, but he also enjoys rollerblading, board games, puzzles, fixing things, taking things a part to see how [...]


Jonathan is a free spirit and resilient child. He is described by the adults in his life as being helpful and respectful. He is especially helpful at home, his current caregiver shares. Jonathan enjoys reading books, watching films, and completing puzzles. His favorite books to read are horror, [...]


Davarious is a sensitive and sweet young man who has a strong desire to have a connection with his birth siblings. Davarious is described by others as helpful and polite. In the home, he follows directions well and is very respectful. Davarious loves to complete puzzles, play video games, read [...]


Arissa is a smart and independent young lady. She is very aware of her thoughts and feelings and openly shares and expresses them in a respectful manner. Arissa has a phenomenal sense of humor and enjoys making others laugh. Arissa is sweet and caring, and also enjoys joking around and being [...]


Ronald is in need of a forever home; a home where he can grow some roots and thrive. His case manager describes him as an amazing, resilient child whose personal motto is to, “start every day like a new day.” Ronald is very creative, bright, and friendly. He has a heart of gold, a lot […]


Janiah is a very bright and creative teenager who enjoys styling hair and experimenting with makeup. She is expressive, resourceful, and is able to advocate for her needs. She is also extremely caring towards others once she establishes a bond with them. Janiah is able to cook and clean up [...]


Shamya is active and creative. She enjoys writing and expressing herself via journaling. Additonally, she likes skating, cooking, movies, and bowling. She is interested in playing basketball and also enjoys reading. Shamya likes pets and really enjoys visiting the Humane Society. She is always [...]


Nevaeh is described as lovely and helpful, especially with her younger siblings. She does very well academically (math is her favorite subject) and she appears motivated to attend college one day. She currently reports that she would like to become a teacher and that her favorite teacher(s) [...]