Hersen is a bright young boy who has experienced a lot of grief and loss at an early age. He is quite self-aware and able to use several techniques to help him self-regulate. Sometimes, all it [...]


Many would describe Johnathon as compassionate, loving, and family oriented. This creative and imaginative teen has a knack for learning new things and doesn’t give up easily. Johnathon enjoys [...]


Raynia is a mature and intelligent young lady who can be silly and friendly around people with whom she has established trust. She is insightful and can be a good advocate for herself. She likes [...]


Eli is a happy and compassionate young boy. Two of his favorite subjects in school are science and history. When Eli is not enjoying time outdoors around the campfire or swimming, you might find [...]


Randy is a caring and loving child who enjoys making others happy. He is a fan of drawing. He also likes to stay active and enjoys swimming and Taekwondo. Overall, Randy generally does well in [...]