Josiah is a sweet young man who would like you to know that he is “nice and fun to be around.” He likes puzzles and board games but he absolutely LOVES Legos. Josiah is a fan of anime and his favorite TV show is Naruto. He also likes to watch funny movies and occasionally play video games. When Josiah is outdoors, his favorite activities are swimming, soccer, and football. He can be shy and quiet but if you give him a little time you’ll find out that he is quite talkative and laughs easily. Josiah gets along well with other kids and is an animal lover.

Josiah does well in school and is quiet in class. He likes to be helpful and always want to be included in new activities. Like most people, he can become upset when he feels embarassed or is told to do something that he doesn’t understand. He needs support from kind, patient adults who will talk him through his feelings. Josiah wants to be part of a “no matter what” family and have people he can count on to care for him. It’s important that his is able to maintain contact with his maternal grandparents and siblings. Are you the “no matter what” family Josiah is looking for?

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