Larry is a kind child with a heartwarming smile who dreams of having a home where he can play with neighborhood kids and ride his bike over to their houses. He loves playing outside and would like a loving family who will play outside with him! Larry interacts positively with adults and his peers but doesn’t like to be in big groups of people that he doesn’t know. He does well in structured sports like soccer and basketball. And he has a fascination for learning about bugs! When Larry’s having a hard day, playing with his friends always make him feel better. He works hard in school and is proud of his improvement in math.

Once he is in a trusted relationship, Larry can be very inquisitive and will open up about himself as well. His “no matter what” family needs to be willing to maintain contact with past caregivers and family members who he has strong bonds with. Are you able to provide the safe, caring home that Larry needs? Let us know!

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