Lawrence has a bright beautiful smile that would warm your heart and a mischievous personality to keep you on your toes! This social boy likes to be around his peers and make new friends, but he does prefer smaller group settings. He is a busy body who enjoys showing off his dance moves to his favorite hip-hop music and making videos of himself doing activities or simply just being himself. One of his preferred outings is going to the park where he can swing or spin for hours. He is comfortable keeping himself entertained while he is at the park, but when he notices another child on their own, he likes to introduce himself. The way to this kiddo’s heart is definitely through his stomach with pizza rolls, hotdogs, pizza, macaroni, popcorn, and “little trees” (broccoli). Lawrence has a plethora of favorite shows and movies such as “Toy Story,” “Captain Underpants,” “Boss Baby,” and “Spiderman.”

Lawrence does best in structured sports and activities and finds comfort in routine. Sometimes transitions can be a little challenging for Lawrence and he needs extra support and guidance in those times. He prefers a calm and quiet environment in smaller spaces. He is ready for a family that will provide comfort and safety. It is best that there are two parents in the home and pet-free. A family that understands and facilitates relationships with Lawrence’s current foster family as well as biological family is a must.

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