Many things are important to Keyaisa, but when asked about her interests, food was often the answer. One of the things she is most proud of is how much she can eat. One of her wishes if she could [...]


Let us introduce you to Kash! This sweet, kind, and engaging boy has lots of energy. Kash is curious, helpful, and has been described as a “chatterbox.” He’s got plenty to say if you’re willing [...]


Zuri is a girl who has a certain glow about her. You can see it in her smile. This bright, strong-willed, intelligent youth has many talents. She loves to sing, and singing always makes her feel [...]

Elijah L.

Bounce, bounce, bounce … swish. Those are the sounds you’ll hear daily if you welcome Elijah into your family. His favorite sport? Basketball. How does he like to spend his time? Playing [...]


Dominic is a pleasant young man who’s passionate about the environment. He loves science, bird watching, and being in nature. He is skilled in identifying rocks and wants to be a geologist [...]


“I’m only one, but not alone. My finest day is yet unknown.” These lyrics by Whitney Houston, Zhenevia’s favorite singer, reflect the spirit of this sweet girl who has a passion for singing. [...]


Will is described as a pleasant young man who thrives on attention from trusted adults. He enjoys Disney movies and soundtracks, especially when a caring person sits with him. When he feels [...]


D’Nyjha is a girl with many interests. You won’t find her sitting around complaining that she’s bored! Here’s a brief list of some things she likes: coloring, drawing, puzzles, dancing, animals [...]


Zyaire is a highly resilient boy who cares for others and tries his best to “be good.” He can be quite talkative and continues to learn and grow by having lots of conversations with others. [...]

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