Ronnie is a caring and energetic youth who enjoys being out in nature and tending to animals. He likes to work on a farm, feeding goats and chickens and collecting eggs. Ronnie also helps out in [...]


Kaleb is a friendly child with a creative mind. He uses his imagination to author his own stories, which he loves reading aloud to others, using distinct voices for each character. He most likely [...]


Dante is a polite, kind, and sensitive young man who enjoys one-on-one time with people, especially if that time is spent playing games and eating snacks! His favorite board game is Sorry, and he [...]


Mersaydes is a girl with simple needs for a happy life. She enjoys playing with makeup and dressing up and when she gets older she would love to have a pair of high heels, maybe a pink pair–one [...]


Beau is an outgoing, intelligent teen with excellent leadership skills. He has a good sense of humor and makes friends easily. Beau is a fan of hip-hop, rap, and metal music. Some of his favorite [...]


Exuberant might be the perfect word to describe Evelyn. Behind that beaming smile is a lively energy and a great sense of humor. Evelyn is described as being “quite animated” when she’s excited [...]


Many of us like to spend time randomly scrolling through YouTube videos. One day you may see Nicholas pop up on your computer, entertaining people on his own YouTube channel. This young man [...]


Kobe is a sweet, happy, and active boy. He can be very affectionate and is friendly and social with other children and familiar adults. Kobe enjoys going to school and to his recreation program. [...]


Joshua wants what we all want – to be in a home where he is loved and understood. He is described by those who know him best as helpful, sweet, intelligent, athletic, and creative. He [...]


As you can see from this photo, a little snow doesn’t keep Cameron away from the playground! He is an active boy who enjoys climbing, swinging, jumping and running. He does work up an appetite [...]

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