Dante is a polite, kind, and sensitive young man who enjoys one-on-one time with people, especially if that time is spent playing games and eating snacks! His favorite board game is Sorry, and he also likes to work on puzzles. Dante is an animal lover and is currently fascinated by goats. One of his wishes is to hold an alligator, and he would love to travel to Florida to make that dream come true. In fact, when he grows up, Dante wants to work at an alligator zoo! On a hard day, gardening always helps Dante feel better. He enjoys spending time outside and likes to go fishing. An active youth, he likes to play with fidgets to get out some of his energy. He also enjoys non-fiction books where he can learn facts about almost any subject.

Dante needs a “no matter what” family who will give him attention, support, encouragement, and a nurturing environment to continue to thrive and reach his goals. He does well with guidance and direction; structure is the key to comfort in his life. Dante’s “no matter what” family will also need to support his desire to maintain his relationship with former caregivers.

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