Mersaydes is a girl with simple needs for a happy life. She enjoys playing with makeup and dressing up and when she gets older she would love to have a pair of high heels, maybe a pink pair–one of her favorite colors. But she doesn’t mind getting out there in nature either! She likes to ride her bike, play basketball, go fishing, play with bugs, and spend time running around on the playground. Her favorite subject in school is Science. Mersaydes is described as a helpful and polite child when her emotions are regulated and she feels safe and secure. Hugs, snacks, and going shopping can almost always make her feel better when she’s having a bad day. Mersaydes thrives on routine, structure, and consistency.

Mersaydes longs for a home with a “no matter what” family who can give her a feeling of support and security. She feels anxious when she doesn’t know what’s coming next and not having to move again will bring her peace. In the past, she has struggled with transitions and it will take her a bit of time to become comfortable in her new surroundings. An understanding of trauma and an abundance of patience will be key to establishing a strong relationship with Mersaydes. It is imperative that she is in a home with a high level of structure, which includes set rules and logical consequences. Mersaydes deserves all the love, stability, and permanence that a “no matter what” family offers.

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