DJ is a polite and bubbly child with an enchanting smile. Talkative and outgoing, he interacts well with peers and adults. DJ keeps himself busy playing with Legos, making art, coloring, and watching action movies. His favorite toys are Marvel figurines, dinosaurs, and Hot Wheels. DJ likes to play basketball, hide and seek, and run races outdoors with other kids or adults. If he could visit anywhere in the world, he would go to the beach because it’s so beautiful. With his energy and enthusiasm, he will surely have a good time in the sand and the waves!

DJ can openly share his feelings with others, even if he is having a bad day. He has no problem being independent and can easily find things to keep himself occupied. DJ sometimes needs to be prompted several times to complete a task. However, he is good about doing his homework and often asks for help from caring adults. DJ has significant relationships that he would like to keep in his life, and his “no matter what” family must be open to this. Please get in touch with us if DJ sounds like a good fit for your home!

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