Many things are important to Keyaisa, but when asked about her interests, food was often the answer. One of the things she is most proud of is how much she can eat. One of her wishes if she could have anything in the world would be unlimited McDonalds! And a little ice cream can always make her feel better when she’s having a hard day. Keyaisa loves playing basketball and her favorite team is the Milwaukee Bucks. People who know her describe her as a sweet kid who is funny and athletic. She enjoys making others laugh and likes to keep busy. Keyaisa has recently become interested in fashion and takes pride in looking and feeling good. She has a creative side and likes to watch online videos and record her own dance videos. In the past, she has enjoyed writing music and rapping.

Keyaisa can initially seem shy and reserved when meeting new people. However, once she’s comfortable with you she will talk openly and has no problem giving her honest opinion. Keyaisa is working on her communication skills with her peers and is learning how to advocate for herself. She does well with a strong support system of adults who listen and truly hear her. Keyaisa needs a “no matter what” family who will give her the security, encouragement, and nurturing environment that she needs to continue to thrive and reach her goals. Inquire today if you are the “no matter what” family for Keyaisa!

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