Kobe is a sweet, happy, and active boy. He can be very affectionate and is friendly and social with other children and familiar adults. Kobe enjoys going to school and to his recreation program. He is easily engaged in play and likes taking part in activities that are familiar to him. He likes any type of play that has music involved, and he loves to dance! Kobe enjoys the swings, going up and down the slide, and playing catch. He likes to play board games when he’s inside the house, especially Operation. However, he is not a huge fan of coloring, so you can keep those crayons packed away! His school reports that he gets along well with other students and the school staff. They all speak highly of Kobe and are happy to give him extra support as needed.

It might take a bit of time for Kobe to be comfortable with new people. However, once he gets to know you, he is easy to redirect when he gets upset. Kobe needs a high level of supervision, and it’s important that his “no matter what family” can take him to regularly scheduled appointments each month. Kobe needs a loving and patient family that will support, encourage and advocate for him to reach his full potential. His “no matter what” family is sure to find joy in watching him continue to grow and mature.

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