Many of us like to spend time randomly scrolling through YouTube videos. One day you may see Nicholas pop up on your computer, entertaining people on his own YouTube channel. This young man dreams of being a YouTuber when he grows up and would love to travel to Spain, home to one of his favorite YouTube personalities. Nicholas is described as a bright boy who enjoys anything with math and numbers. He is motivated by money and regularly does chores to earn allowance. Although Nicholas enjoys time spent on the computer and playing video games, he tends to seek out interaction with people over electronics. He likes to spend time outside, in any kind of weather. Last summer, he tried baseball for the first time. He grew his first mini garden with a variety of vegetables and fruit. He loves to be outdoors in the winter, building snowmen and forts.

Nicholas does well academically in school and likes to participate in class. But, like many kids, he needs prompting to stay on task or move to a new activity. He does better with several reminders rather than a quick direction to change an activity. When asked for three wishes for his future, Nicholas shared that he wanted to be rich and live in a mansion (perhaps like his favorite YouTuber). But he also wished for a family. Are you the “no matter what” family he is looking for?

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