Eli is a happy and compassionate young boy. Two of his favorite subjects in school are science and history.

When Eli is not enjoying time outdoors around the campfire or swimming, you might find this joyful young fellow indoors occupied by Uno, Farkle, or some other board game. Eli also enjoys reading, crafting, and building with Legos in his free time. He is a visual learner and likes to engage in the hands-on experience when learning new things. Eli thrives on positive feedback and encouragement from others.

Eli appreciates structured environments and being in the company of people who are calm and predictable. Changes in routine can sometimes be challenging for him; he does best when changes are communicated ahead of time to help him prepare for what’s to come. Eli is also working hard on managing his impulsivity. When upset, Eli responds well to calm, clear, and consistent expectations, directives, and choices.

Eli is looking for a family that is patient, loving, calm, and predictable, and is committed to caring for him no matter what. He would benefit from a “no matter what” family that is willing to support his desire to have continued contact with his older adult sister and her family.

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