Beau is an outgoing, intelligent teen with excellent leadership skills. He has a good sense of humor and makes friends easily. Beau is a fan of hip-hop, rap, and metal music. Some of his favorite artists are Ghostmane, Mac Miller, Kanye, Tyler the Creator, and City Morgue. Beau enjoys hanging out with friends and playing video games like War Zone and Mortal Kombat. When he’s chilling out at home, he likes to watch Quentin Tarintino films, Black Mirror, Stranger Things, and Rick and Morty. Beau enjoys school, especially history and science. He is fascinated by World War 2 and hopes to visit Germany someday. Beau has many ideas of what his future career may be. Some options include joining the army, working for the CIA, being a lawyer, a doctor, a businessman, or a detective. He is a young man with big plans for his future!

Beau will need time to build a trusting, honest, and respectful relationship with caregivers. Despite a challenging past, he has grown into a young man who can now recognize and communicate his wants and needs. He can sometimes be defiant when he feels that he is being mistreated or disrespected, just like any other teenager. When he’s having a hard day, he likes to walk or write in a journal until he feels better. Beau likes to be self-sufficient and needs a “no matter what” family to guide him in independent living skills. He is already experienced in cooking and baking and is looking forward to getting his driver’s license and a job. And, perhaps most importantly, Beau is looking for a “no matter what” family that will accept his cat in their home. We urge you to inquire about Beau if you feel you can provide him with the attention, support, guidance, and love that he deserves.

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